Photos from Steve and Andrea Rodgers


Chicago fashion is always unique. I can be as inspired by Whoopi Goldberg for fashion inspiration as Lady Gaga.  I love fashion that’s timeless and honest. Wear what you want to wear- not what you’re told to wear.  I can only be an individual in a city as unique as Chicago.

Selections Boutique

In Chicago, you have to be fashionable and warm. Wear your best coat and meet me in the most fashionable stores in the city.  I love shopping in consignment stores, like Selections Chicago in Lincoln Park and Crossroads Training Company. in Wicker Park, where I can find the best styles at the most affordable prices. Comfort and style are combined in styles from local designing house Shalini Styles which makes the most beautiful and comfortable jersey dresses.   I also love the accessories in the stores, from the new oversized Gucci tote bags to my favorite white Prada clutch. Forget the old Labor Day rules. Wear white all year!




Shalini Styles ( Photo Credit:

While walking in Chicago, I also love to wear flats. Heels are for special occasions, like meeting Andre Leon Talley. For just walking around town, I love Steve Madden flats. They’re chic and practical. They’re also available in so many great colors, like animal prints and gold, both on trend for fall.  So from head to toe, I make sure to express myself and represent Chicago’s unique and vibrant style.   So go to these shops in Chicago and make sure to look your best.