Lucy Hale: Her unique and edgy outfits worn on the hit show Pretty Little Liars never cease to amaze us. But Lucy has pretty stunning looks off set as well. The young actress’ style is a mix of edgy and colorful pieces and she never fails to impress when she steps onto the red carpet. If you have a fun and fresh style when it comes to fashion and you’re not afraid to take risks then be sure to follow Lucy Hale’s hot new trends into the year 2013.


Rihanna: Rihanna dares to be different in all of her many outfits whether it’s chic punk inspired or simple and classic. This pop fashionista has really set the bar this year and we can’t wait to see what styles she will flaunt next season.


Kim Kardashian: Kim definitely knows how to play up her curves and flaunt the perfect outfits that are stylish and classy. Whether its designer or not, you can be sure to find some replica pieces symbolic of Kim’s style at boutiques at an affordable price. She lets the world know you don’t have to be a “size 2” to dress trendy and look flawless while doing it.



Victoria Beckham: Victoria Beckham has always been a fashion icon who keeps everyone on the edge of their seats wondering what she will wear next. Now you can capture her style with a signature line that symbolizes the fashion forward icon herself. Silk blouses, skirts flared and ruffled, slim dresses and many more unique designs will keep everyone on the edge of their seat when it comes to the classic style of Victoria Beckham.