With summer on the way, now’s a great time to go on a rollercoaster ride. Here are 25 of the best rollercoasters in the world.



25. Boulder Dash

boulder dash

( Photo Credit: lifed.com)


This  rollercoaster may be an old-school wooden rollercoaster, but still has all the excitement of a modern rollercoaster. This Bristol, Connecticut ride goes at 115 miles per hour through the East Coast countryside.


24. Takabisha


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This Japanese coaster gives riders the highest highs and steepest drops. The ride drops at a 121-degree angle, making it the steepest rollercoaster in the world.


23. Ravine Flyer II

ravine flyer ii

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This wooden roller coaster has the steepest drop in Pennsylvania at 120 feet. The ride is not only exciting, but offers a breathtaking view of Lake Erie.





22. Steel Dragon 2000

steel dragon 2000

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This Japanese roller coaster is the longest in the world , at 8,000 feet. The Steel Dragon is one of the fastest and exciting rides in the world.


21.  Kingda Ka

kingda ka

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This Six Flags Great Adventure ride in New Jersey is one of the tallest in America. Not only is it fast, but can go at 128 miles per hour in just 3 seconds.



20.  Nitro


Nitro is another Six Flags Great Adventure ride with thrills for riders. The drops at 200 feet, a speed of 80 MPH, and a beautiful view of the Philadelphia skyline to boot.



19. Kawasemi


( Photo Credit: lifed.com)


The Japanese ride is named for a fast bird and lives up to its name.  The ride has a speed of 54 MPH and a drop of 67 degrees, all in an exhilarating minute.



18. Incredible Hulk

incredible hunk

( Photo Credit: lifed.com)

This big green behemoth ride is just as imposing as the Hulk. The 105-foot drop and goes from zero to 40 MPH in two seconds.


17. Texas Giant

texas giant

( Photo Credit: cowoverboard.com)

This Six Flags over Texas ride is a twister riders will love. With turns of up to 95 degrees and drops of 147 feet, Texas Giant stands tall a s a rollercoaster.


16. Phoenix


( Photo Credit: lifed.com)

This wooden rollercoaster is old-school but still exciting to riders. The 3,000 foot track is one of the longest in America and draws visitors to Pennsylvania every year.


15. Piraten


( Photo Credit: lifed.com)

Piraten is the tallest and fastest rollercoaster in Denmark. The Piraten ( pirate in English) has a 70 degree drop and height of 105 feet makes the ride one of the most heartstopping in the world.


14. Top Thrill Dragster

top thrill dragster

( Photo Credit: lifed.com)

This Cedar Point ride takes readers for a thrilling ride. Top Thrill Dragster goes from zero to 120 MPH in just 4 seconds and drops riders at a 90 degree angle to earn its name as a top thrill.


13. Balder


( Photo Credit: lifed.com)

This Swedish wooden rollercoaster is a rider’s favorite. The smooth ride has a hangtime of 10 times per ride so riders are always on a high while riding the Balder.


12. Katun


( Photo Credit: lifed.com)

This Italian ride is the longest inverted rollercoaater in Europe. Katun ( a time on the Mayan calendar) has a speed of 65 MPH and drop of over 140 feet.




  1. Nemesis


( Photo Credit: lifed.com)

This British rollercoaster is one of the most popular in Europe. The inverted rolleroaster goes to speed at 50 MPH and has intense turns riders love.

10. Behemoth


( Photo Credit: lifed.com)

The 5,000-feet long rollercoaster in Canada is a real behemoth. The ride goes at 77 MPH and drops at 200 feet for a ride visitors won’t soon forget.

9.  X2


( Photo Credit: beaster725)

This Six Flags Magic Mountain ride is one of the most popular in Southern California. This ride has riders spinning at dizzying heights of 212 feet high and 360 degrees forwards and backwards at 76 MPH.


8. T Express

t express

( Photo Credit: lifed.com)

This South Korean ride is a favorite with riders. The 5,00 feet T Express can reach speeds of 65 MPH, making it a perennial ride to visit.


7. Intimidator 305


( Photo Credit: lifed.com)

This Virginia ride is a true intimidator. A 300 foot drop and speed of 90 MPH proves this ride isn’t for the faint of heart.


6.  Maverick( Photo Credit: lifed.com)



This Cedar Point ride in Sandusky, Ohio is for the true rollercoaster riders. The 360 degrees at 70 MPH will get any rider’s heart racing.


5.  Expedition  GForce

expedition gforce

( Photo Credit: lifed.com)

This German ride is one of the tallest in Europe. The 82-degree vertical angle makes Expedition GForce one of the best rollercoasters in the world.


4. El Toro

el toro

( Photo Credit: lifed.com)

This Mexican ride is as exciting as riding a bull hence the name toro ( bull in English. El Toro is 188 feet tall, goes at 70 MPH, and is a ride for the ages.


3. Bizarro


( Photo Credit: lifed.com)

This Massachusetts ride is one of the best in the world. Named after a place in Superman comics, riders will be flying high at 77 MPH.




2. Millennium Force

millennium force

( Photo Credit: lifed.com

This Ohio ride is the best in America. The 300 foot drop and 6,000 foot length will ensure riders will scream in excitement on Millennium Force.


  1. Formula Rossa

    formula rossa

( Photo Credit: lifed.com)

For the best roller coaster in the world, head to Abu Dhabi. Sorry, Six Flags, but Formula Rossa runs like an Italian racecar with speeds of 150 MPH. The mile-long ride is hands-down the fastest and best roller coaster in the world.