Ibiza is a beautiful vacation destination. Here are some of the top places to visit while you’re in Ibiza.



  1. Old Ibiza Town ( D’Alt Villa)

    old ibiza town

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While the beaches are beautiful, the classic castles are a must-see in Ibiza, too. See the historic edifices while visiting Ibiza.  Visit the bars at night to get a taste of the nightlife.



  1. San Antonio Bay

    san antonio bay

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This stunning home of Old Ibiza Town has beautiful beaches and panoramic views. The clubs are also a draw for visitors who want to party.




  1. Formentera


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The twin island of Ibiza has the same beauty of Ibiza. Biking, hiking, and walking along the beaches are just some of the activities for visitors.


  1. Ibiza Castle

    ibiza castle

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This architectural wonder is a must-see attraction for visitors to Ibiza. The massive compound is a treasure of Ibiza.



  1. Santa Eularia Des Riu

    santa eularia des riu

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For a quieter visit to Ibiza, try this hidden gem of the island. There are clubs for partygoers, but there’s also a golf course for a more relaxing visit.


  1. Es Vedrenell and Western Islets

    es vedrenell and western islets

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This secluded island has some of the most beautiful vistas, cliffs, and even goats to admire. Es Vedre is perfect for a cruise on a small boat.


  1. Ses Selines National Park

    sea selines national park




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This southern part of Ibiza has some of the most natural beauty. Go birdwatching and see some of the wildlife in this park.


  1. Atlantis



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This isn’t the lost city of Atlantis, but has the stunning beauty of a mythical island. The scenery is  stunning and must be photographed by visitors.


  1. Ses Variades

    sea variades


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Watch the sunset on these lovely coasts.  Crowds gather every year to enjoy the scenery.



  1. Port Ibiza

    port ibiza


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Watch the ships sail by or enjoy a boat ride at this port. After the sail, enjoy a delicious meal at a nearby restaurant.