L.A. may have a healthy reputation, but Angelenos still enjoy a good burger. Here are some of the best places to enjoya burger in Los Angeles.


10. Seoul Sausage Company

Seoul Sausage Company

( Photo Credit: laist.com)

This Little Tokyo restaurant combines Eastern and Western cuisine. The signature dish is a Kalbi Burger is grilled with a ganjang soy sauce and a sunny-side up egg.

236 S. Los Angeles



9. Father’s Office

Father’s Office

( Photo Credit:laist.com)

The premier burgers have a gourmet taste in Santa Monica establishment. The mixture of prime aged beef, Gruyere cheese, and arugula make Father’s Office one of the best burger restaurants in L.A.

1018 Montana Ave.



  1. Plan Check

    Plan Check

( Photo Credit: laist.com)

Plan Check puts a unique spin on the burger. The fruit leather strips add to the Wagyu beef to make the burgers that customers love in West L.A.


1800 Sawtelle Blvd.



7. Cecconi’s



( Photo Credit:laweekly.com)

This West Hollywood  restaurant has truffle burgers that customers keep customers returning for more. Cecconi’s is a customer favorite, especially during happy hour.

8764 Melrose Ave.




6. Belcampo




( Photo Credit:laweekly.com)

For a guilt-free burger, try this burger at this Santa Monica eatery. The grass-fed beef ensures that the  customer will have a premier burger.


5. Grill ‘Em All


Grill ‘Em All

( Photo Credit: laist.com)

This heavy metal-themed restaurant has burgers that will make you headbang with joy. From the grilled-cheese of the Behehoth to the duck confit fanciness of the Exciter, Grill’ Em All has a burger for everyone.


19 E. Main Street




4. Stout Burgers & Beer


Stout Burgers & Beer

( Photo Credit: laist.com)

This restaurant is one of the best for a juicy burger and a good drink. The Goombah with prosciutto is a favorite with customers.

Various locations across L.A.



3. Doomie’s Home Cooking

Doomie’s Home Cooking

( Photo Credit:laist.com)

Vegans can enjoy a good burger at this restaurant. The vegan patties are so good, you won’t even miss the meat.


1253 Vine St. #9



2. Umami Burger

Umami Burger
( Photo Credit: laist.com)

This West Coast chain is one of the best in Los Angeles because of its decadent burgers. The delectable burgers are paired with brioche buns that are mouthwatering.


Various locations across Los Angeles


  1. In-and -Out Burger

    In-and -Out Burger

( Photo Credit: laist.com)

This world-renowned burger is the best in L.A. The animal-style burger with extra  Thousand Island spread, buttery buns, and caramelized onions help to make this delicious burgers the most craved in Los Angeles.


Various Locations Across Los Angeles