Tokyo, the wonderful capital city of Japan, is known for amazing landscapes, captivating places, and sceneries. Rich and colorful history of Tokyo as a tourist destination is being featured in travel websites, blogs and publications. Tokyo’s conveyor belt sushi restaurants are always full of international tourists passionate about Sushi. Another must try Japanese food item is traditional Japan white rice and it is available in Meishu Center and The Sake Plaza. Mount Fuji is the icon of Japanese tourism and it is undoubtedly a breathtaking landscape. Mount Fuji is one of Japan’s three Holy Mountains and it is a prominent center of mountain worship in Japan.

Samurai performance is another prominent Japanese cultural icon and it is displayed during the Yabusame festival. During spring time, Cherry Blossom is the best artistic sight in Tokyo and it is a symbolic and prominent symbol of Japanese culture. Imperial Palace is another prominent tourist attraction in Tokyo, a city blessed with amazing natural beauty and scenic landscapes. The Imperial Palace East Garden is open for viewing to the public except Mondays, Fridays, and on special occasions. This architecture monument holds the elegant history of Japanese empire of olden days and it is a mesmerizing tourist spot.

Tokyo is known as a safe and tourist friendly city and tourists will definitely fall in love with this culture-rich conurbation. Japanese capital is the place of tourist spots, ancient places, huge palaces and tranquil temples of yesteryears. Asakusa District is home to a Buddhist temple built for bodhisattva Kannon, a god of mercy in Japanese Buddhism. Large numbers of religious establishments are located in and around Tokyo and it has huge importance as a pilgrim tourist location. Whether traditional or modern, international tourists visiting Tokyo will enjoy vacation to one of the best tourist destinations in the world.

Tokyo has numerous skyscrapers and underground shopping malls where foreign tourists come in large numbers. One of the most interesting tourist places in Tokyo is the ‘Ginza’ and it features an array of commercial complexes, dance clubs and bars. Tourists can visit Kabuki-Za theatre for experiencing dance, music, and folklore of this historic Asian city. Colorful costumes, eloquent embellishments and dramatic narrations at Kabuki-Za will surely entertain each and every one of us. Visiting Meiju-Jingu shrine, the famous shrine of Tokyo, is an essential part of all tourist packages intended for foreign tourists. Art festivals, street fairs and parades in Tokyo await tourists ready to explore cultural diversity of Japan. Shinjuku-ku national garden has innumerable varieties of trees, plants, bridges, paths and Koi ponds.