Janelle Monae has the moves ( and cape) of James Brown and soulful voice of a true R&B artist. ” Tightrope” is an old-school R& B song that still manages to sound modern with robot-sounding backing vocals and Outkast member Big Boi’s rapping. Monae is definitely different from the other R& B artists out there with her androgynous clothes and serious belief in aliens. She isn’t afraid to borrow from the past of soul music, but still move the genre into a brave new world.

(Photo Credit: janellemonae.com)

She’s not only a music star, but a fashion icon. From her tuxedo uniform to her recent branching out to elegant black-and-white dresses and pantsuits at the MET Gala, she is one to watch on the red carpet. She is so stylish, she even became a Cover Girl spokesmodel.  Her pompadour hairdo has been copied by numerous fans and she starts fashion trends, not just follows them. Her unique style is an inspiration to other fashionistas to just express themselves through fashion. Monae has been a breath of freah air in the music world and the fashion world for her honesty, bravery, and originality.


(Photo Credit:neocolebicthie.com)