Stereosonic Festival 2014 is the best EDM festival of the fall. The Australian festival brings the best EDM artists Down Under to party.


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Stereosonic started about five years ago and have grown into one of the world’s largest festival. Some of the biggest names have performed over  the years, from Avicii to Afrojack. Calvin Harris, Skrillex,  Tiesto, and Diplo are just some of the EDM superstars on the bill this year.

Diplo notes Australia’s importance to EDM and loves visiting to headline Stereosonic 2014.

I’m so excited about getting back to Australia,” said Diplo. “Every time I come down there I wonder if people will like my music, but every year, there are more and more fans getting more and more crazy about it! My music is a soundtrack to my life. It’s an expression of my creativity and about giving people something new to listen to. I love doing what I do and I can’t think of doing anything else. Somehow I manage to lure people with my obnoxious music, but they keep loving it!”

Skrillex noted the influence of Australia on EDM. Some artists on his label like Australia act and fellow headliners What So Not are part of what put Australia on the EDM map.

“Australia doesn’t get enough credit for being so ahead of the curve in knowing music and having so much great music coming out,”  said Skrillex.“There’s a sound that comes out of Australia that influences the world.”

“Flume was doing his own thing before, and even though it was electronic it wasn’t necessarily club music, even though he was killing it in his own world,” he said. “But when What So Not released stuff, after that it was like the palette of dance music and bass music changed a lot. You hear a lot of influence from people now putting out records that sound like they’re taking influence from What So Not.

What So Not notes why their hometown festival is so special.

“A lot of these festivals I’ve done overseas are quite different – people kind of fly in for the day in New York, do their show and leave; whereas it seems that with Stereosonic, because Australia’s so isolated, they come over and stay for two weeks and they have this mid-week where everyone goes and hangs out together at all these private parties and things like that. It’s such an amazing atmosphere, instead of everyone just flying in and doing their set only to leave straight away. Everyone hangs out at the shows and at the after parties and it becomes a whole two week event instead of just being a single set time that you come in and do.”


Stereosonic Festival

Saturday, November 29- Sunday, December 7