Shana Davis

11357189_10102213354682024_644766577358124986_oAge: 30
Height: 5’4
Weight: 115
Measurements: 32, 28, 34
Zodiac: Leo
Relationship Status: Single and not mingling 🙂
Best Feature (Physical/Personality): Smile
Nationality: Black

What city are you from? West Palm Beach, FL

How long have you been modeling? Not long, started last year.

How did you begin modeling? It all started with entering into a Miss Harley Davidson of Florida pageant back in 2013

What are your goals for your modeling career? I would ultimately love to be published and work as a promotional model for different up and coming companies and some that already exist. Be the face of a huge brand.

What is your absolute favorite part about being a model? Meeting new people and learning things about the industry

What was your favorite shoot and why? My favorite shoot so far, was done in Gulfport Mississippi. It was an Impromptu shoot with 2 amazing other models and we wore whatever we had in our suitcases. Pictures came out amazing!

Who encourages/supports you the most and why? My mother is my biggest support system. She supports me in my new love for modeling and bikini competitions. She also supports me in my journey to find what it is that I love!!!

What do you do in your free time outside of modeling? I like to play tennis, I enjoy Zumba workouts, and partake in bikini competitions.

Describe your perfect guy. My perfect guy isn’t so perfect. I just want the man of my dreams to be crazy about me and only me. But tall, dark, handsome, and intelligent never hurts! Lol

What is the worst pick up line you’ve ever heard? What is the best? All pick lines are bad, none of them ever work.

What are some of your pet peeves? un- organization, smacking while eating, being messy

Are you represented by a manager or agent? Not yet

Where would you like to see yourself in the next 5 years? I would like to be a paid promotional model for different companies and brands

How can we find you (Facebook, Twitter)? Facebook:  Twitter: @Shana_N_Davis

Color: Purple
Place: Tennessee (at the moment)
Recording Artists: Beyonce
Movie: Clueless
Food: Tacos
Actor/Actress: Liam Neeson
Designer: Right now, Tory Burch
Month: August
Flavor of Ice-Cream: Butter Pecan