rose mae . com Rosina-Mae Swimwear is the perfect choice to kick off the summer at the beach. The stylish and unique designs have earned the Atlanta-born designer notice all over America from the Chicago Tribune to Time Out New York. Rose Mae Turner has turned her gift for fashion into a successful business that has garnered support from the websites Etsy and crowdfunding website 19th Amendment.

Turner named the swimwear line after her grandmothers, Rosina Maria Talano and Bivea Mae Turner, women who inspired her sense of fashion. Rosina-Mae was created as a women’s wear line in 2008 after graduating from DominicanUniversity. After contributing to Chicago clothing lines Evil Kitty,  Spirit Africa and Calfi Design, Turner turned her focus solely to her fashion line.
Turner has also styled artists like The Cool Kids. She is also a freelance blogger that has written for fashion websites and tells creative stories with her fashion.

Her swimsuits are for contemporary fashionistas that are as modern and daring as her designs. Her clothing line is also so versatile, in Turner’s words, the swimwear, separates, and dresses can take you from “ the beach to the street to the party’’!

Turner also describes the perfect customer for her swimwear line.“She’s a witty, adventurous, rebel. She’s a socialite and a party girl. A nonconformist, she’s a true “fashionista” and also a mysterious sort of women, that when she walks into the room heads turn. She’s effortless and free… simply flawless. She’s a dreamer and an optimist. She feels just as hot and confident in bright colors as she does in black…. Everyone whispers in awe and wonders who she is and what it is about her that sets her apart. They all want to know her/ be her. She is the next IT girl… and on her way to superstardom!”

The swimsuits are playful and colorful, from mixing and matching colors to implementing striking designs. The clothes are not only beautiful, but are eco-friendly, too. Turner often uses recycled materials for her swimsuits and also uses unique materials like glitter, PVC plastic, and metallic fabrics for her creations.

The woman looking for fashionable clothes and swimwear will love Rosina Mae. Her runway shows have featured glitter and go-go dancing, and the designs are just as fun and daring as her shows. The Spring/Summer 2014 Rosina Mae swimwear collection will be ideal for women who want to conscious about fashion and the environment. Rosina Mae swimwear is the stylish choice for summer.

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