Ralvero and Kill The Buzz team up for ‘Dreamin’
Release Date: OUT NOW!
Beatport Link: hwl.dj/Dreamin-Bp
Preview Link: goo.gl/cPR8HS
Dutch producer Ralvero has teamed up with fellow countryman and Revealedpowerhouse Kill The Buzz for their debut collaboration ‘Dreamin’, a techy vocal anthem with plenty of mainstage appeal. First featured on the Revealed ‘Volume 6compilation back in June, this one has been a crowd favourite over the summer months, and looks to continue gaining pace as we head into the latter part of the year.

Dreamin’ starts out and something of a techy and groovy electro house track, but soon breaks into proper singer-songwriter territory, with an epic yet slightly chilled vocal, backed by some delicate piano lines and plenty of atmosphere. The full force of ‘Dreamin’ is never far away though, and the epic synths and brutal bass riffs soon kick in with a vengeance, making for a track that treads the line between mainstream appealand underground credibility. It’s certainly a rather special pairing, and you can be sure that although this is the first time the two have hit the studio together, it probablywon’t be the last.

The full force of ‘Dreamin’ drops on September 7th, so be sure to grab your copy via Beatport.