As we all know, Willis Tower is the tallest building in North America and it is really an incredible building structure. Willis Tower is a very famous tourist attraction like other tall structures of the globe like Petronas Towers and Burj Khalifa. Sky deck observatory of Willis Tower offers a spectacular view of Chicago urban area at 412 metres. Evening hours at Willis Towers witnesses an incessant flow of crowd to see a splendid sunset and the starting hours of Chicago’s bustling nightlife. From the top of Willis Tower, you can view four American states Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Wisconsin. It is estimated that more than one million people visit Willis Tower every year!! As it was depicted in numerous movies and television shows, people all over the world would have definitely heard about Willis Tower. It is sure that your camera will get amazing visual feasts while you are in Willis Tower.

Panoramic View of Chicago City

Willis Tower gives a panoramic view of Chicago’s prominent buildings, shopping malls and other great places. It will offer a ‘standing on air’ experience coupled with surprise and a liitle bit of amusement. Willis Tower is considered as an amalgamation of tourism, culture, and business activities. It is home to many corporate tycoons and business organizations of international repute. Visiting Willis Tower will be a lovely experience for a person who likes heights and Ledge at the Sky deck will be an extraordinary attraction for him. The great tower of Willis is often referred as Chicago city’s most visible landmark and cultural icon. Sky deck at Willis Tower is equipped with modern telescopes, elevators and flat screens for providing different views of earth.

New Heights of Building Design

Willis Tower, previously known by the name Sears Tower, is the tallest building in the western hemisphere. Tourists can take an elevator ride up to the 103rd floor of Willis Tower and spend life’s few prized moments there. The well famous Willis Tower is located very near to Chicago River, another example of pictorial magnificence. Most prominent hotels in Chicago are located in close proximity to Willis Tower and it will be highly beneficial for international tourists. No writer, painter, film maker and poet can describe the visual beauty of Willis Tower using his art form. Once you pay a visit to Willis Tower in Chicago, you will never forget it until your last breath.