The Castaway Restaurant, Burbank is considered as a fine urban eatery known for providing sweet dishes. It is located in the Burbank hill which is noted for spectacular natural beauty. Castaway is undoubtedly a dining landmark of Los Angeles urban area. This restaurant offers venue for corporate meetings, weddings, themed events, private parties and business conferences. Cheeseburger, prime rib, tuna sandwich, Portobello burger, beer battered fish tacos, and pan seared salmon are the major attractions of Castaway menu. This eatery is the ultimate seafood paradise in the great city of Los Angeles. The Castaway Restaurant, Los Angeles is the best place for a banquet with friends and family members.

Chefs of Castaway are pioneers in creating various desserts including chocolate fountain. Restaurant building of The Castaway Restaurant, Los Angeles is a beautiful one adorned with neutral colors. Fresh roasted salmon is a highly acclaimed dish item offered in Castaway. Their filet mignon is splendid, perfectly cooked, fantastic as well as pretty delicious. Each and every food item offered here is worth the money, say frequent restaurant visitors. Salmon and tartare lovers of Los Angeles assemble at Castaway to celebrate evenings, weekends and festive occasions.

The Castaway Restaurant, 1250, East Harvard, Burbank, CA 95101, Los Angeles, USA