Navy pier is one of the most prominent tourist attractions of Chicago which draws visitors from all over the globe. Gateway Park, Family Pavilion, Crystal Gardens and Skyline Stage make Navy Pier a grand tourist location forever. Navy Pier’s Family Pavilion features a fifty thousand square feet museum for children plus an IMAX theatre. Nineteen acre Gateway Park located on Chicago’s lakefront provides moments of visual glory to tourists. Navy Pier is a favourite hangout place for entire Chicago population including youngsters, couples, and working individuals. Well known restaurants and shopping malls are an essential part of Family Pavilion attached with Navy Pier, Chicago.

Symbol of Architectural Excellence

Navy Pier Chicago is a great example of architectural excellence and it can be cited as a reminiscent of great structures like Suez Canal and Aswan Dam in Egypt. Thirty two thousand square feet botanical garden named Crystal Gardens is another stunning attraction of Navy Pier. I am doubtful that you have witnessed another botanical garden with such a large area like Crystal Gardens. Dancing fountains give a relaxation feeling to visitors coming to the park after long work hours. Palm court located in Navy Pier area, Chicago showcases greenery in urban settings and it includes palm trees, flowers and shrubs.

Hangout Location Preferred by Chicago Youth

South Arcade is another major tourist attraction of Navy Pier that foreign tourists will not miss. It has everything a tourist wants including numerous restaurants, retail shops, and the well known Shakespeare theatre. Navy Pier Park has ample provisions for entertainment such as swing ride, golf course and Ferris wheel. Skyline Stage is equipped with a seating capacity of 1500 and musical performances as well as concerts are organized here. Dock Street consists of sailing point for cruise ships, art performance area, and fireworks display area.

Numerous Recreational Facilities

Navy Pier is home to several historic structures and old monuments of traditional importance. Shelter Building in Navy Pier region has facility to conduct parties, receptions and other social events. Pedestrian walkways, best view of Lakefront, amazing light fixtures and a magnificent sunset view make tourists visit Navy Pier again and again. Erstwhile shipping centre of Navy Pier grew as America’s top rated tourist spot thanks to the tourism promotional initiatives of the state. Vast array of recreational facilities is referred as the prime reason behind the emergence of Navy Pier as a radial nerve of USA tourism industry.   A trip to Chicago will be incomplete without paying a visit to Navy Pier.