The first of its kind in the country, LUMEN is breaking boundaries and revamping the way people experience nightlife. A contemporary lounge that marries striking design and cutting-edge audiovisual, LUMEN is a fashionable fusion of art, culture and all things “green.” The newest concept in nightlife is found inside the inspiring sanctuary of LUMEN, the Chicago hot spot for the stimulating, stylish and socially-conscious. An upscale refuge with a laid-back attitude,LUMEN’s innovative interior and friendly feel make this bar not just up-to-date, but ahead of it.

Located in the heart of Chicago’s Fulton Market District and converted from a meat-packing factory, the quarters are just as spectacular as the concept. With over 5,000 square feet adorned with a custom-built modular furniture system and environmental video and lighting designs, LUMEN creates a virtual indulgence for the eyes. Seducing with a complete mixed media environment, LUMEN’s custom built furniture system and enveloping video and lighting designs will immerse patrons in a flowing, radiant interior landscape. From fashion shows to film screenings to world-renowned DJs spinning regularly, LUMEN bridges the gap between today’s standard lounge and a futuristic nightspot.

LUMEN’s clean, minimalist setting echoes its “green lounge” vibe, complete with tables made from sustainable bamboo, energy-conscious audiovisual equipment and a finely-edited drink menu that features a range of organic liquors and garnishes. The staff at LUMEN provides first-rate, fresh ingredients (orange juice squeezed daily, locally-grown garnishes and other enticing ingredients), as well as superior blends of premium liquors, all tastefully mixed and professionally served. Whether it’s timeless bourbon, a classic cocktail, chic champagne, or traditional beer, LUMEN’s list of libations will lure any patron into starting up the evening or winding down the early hours.

Principals, visionaries and Chicago natives Jason Freiman, Peter Gogarty and Nick Podesta created the concept of LUMEN based on more than 30 years experience in the industry. Between the three of them, they have amassed a wealth of knowledge combining backgrounds in restaurants, hotels, design, business, retail, real estate, construction and art. LUMEN has allowed all three the creative freedom to direct the style, nightlife and environmental trends in the great city where they met.