Le Zinc, Seattle is a contemporary restaurant which features a carefully selected food menu. Casual dining atmosphere is the most fascinating attraction of this Seattle based cafeteria. Le Zinc presents a tasty plate of dishes like mussels, Washington peaches, and house churned butter. Freshness of food and simplicity are the factors which helped Le Zinc scale new heights of fame. Chefs of Le Zinc are skilled in creating delectable dishes using French and modern culinary techniques. Each and every individual visiting Le Zinc is promptly greeted by their staff members on arrival. By visiting this grand restaurant of Seattle, you can experience a delightful dining experience that can’t be experienced elsewhere. Pork belly and caramel butter are two dish items which got awesome appreciation from eatery visitors. Le Zinc, Seattle is a stylish café known for high quality of food and fresh ingredients.

According to cafeteria visitors, desserts served at Le Zinc are tasty and hot. The location of Le Zinc, Seattle is absolutely stunning with excellent wood structure and large windows. A typical food menu at Le Zinc includes perfectly cooked mussels, spicy chicken varieties and very tasty wines. Their steak items are outstanding and people really love this eating outlet more than any other eatery of Seattle. Le Zinc attracted mass attention ever since their opening because it is cute, glitzy and superb. Food offered at Le Zinc is the synonym for delicious French food.