Katsu, Los Angeles is a marvelous eatery which provides fresh varieties of quality food. Each and every restaurant located in Los Angeles has a personality on its own and Katsu too is not different from that. Katsu restaurant is operating from seven locations in USA and its most famous outlet is situated in Los Angeles. Chefs of Katsu produce special varieties of Sushi and Japanese cuisines to their customers. Every food item offered at Katsu is amazing, splendid, mouth watering and superb. It is the perfect eating place for people who love sweet donuts. Halibut, tuna and salmon are the special varieties of seafood items offered at Katsu, Los Angeles.

Katsu is one of the most celebrated urban restaurants in United States of America. Shishimi with jalapeno, The Robert Roll, and half roll are favorite dish items of Katsu food lovers. Quality of service and food offered in Katsu, Los Angeles is just fantastic as well as superb. It is one of the best sushi joints in the wide geographical territory of USA. Staff members of Katsu are nice and attentive to customer queries. This restaurant is located in a strip mall area of Los Angeles metropolitan city.

Katsu, 11680, Ventura Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 91604.