Japonais by Morimoto, Chicago is an incredible eatery known for featuring a wide variety of foodstuff including popcorn shrimp, sea bass, himachi tacos, and lobster. It is definitely a paradise for seafood lovers living in this historic city of Chicago. Japonais gets a lot of positive reviews from people visiting the eating outlet including youngsters, school going children as well as professionals. Black cod served at Japonais is really incredible as well as tender. Each and every dish item served here is excellent, tasty, spicy and marvelous. Their lemongrass/ginger pineapple is a perfect complement to the very spicy sea bass. Sushi and sashimi are the two most important Japanese food items served at Japonais .

Décor of Japonais is quite nice and modern, according to frequent restaurant visitors. Chefs working for ‘Japonais , Chicago’ are extremely knowledgeable and industry veterans. Himachi tartare and beef carpaccio are two delightful attractions of Japonais food menu. Hot glaze and white wasabi sauce adds a new layer of taste to the shrimp served at Japonais restaurant. Spicy tuna roll and salmon roll are two tasty seafood items prepared by Japonais chefs. Good bye and meet you there at Japonais, Chicago.

Japonais , 600 W, Chicago Ave, IL 60654, USA