Hamada of Japan, Chicago is a great eating place which offers tasty food items like soft shell crabs, ginger calamari, and ginger sauce. Each and every food item offered in this restaurant is splendid, delicious as well as superb. It provides the best varieties of chicken items in the entire urban conurbation of Chicago. Noodles prepared by Hamada of Japan chefs are rated as the best, according to Chicago residents. This chic eatery of Chicago metropolitan offers a pleasant dining experience to their customers. A great dining time can be enjoyed with family members at Hamada of Japan, Chicago.

Hamada of Japan is a special eatery preferred equally by both vegetarians and non vegetarians. Best varieties of seafood including salmon can be tasted in a typical Hamada of Japan eating outlet. Filet, salad ginger, and sautéed vegetables are some of the best categories of food items available in Hamada of Japan, Chicago. If you want to enjoy lobster shrimp, scallop noodles, chicken fried rice and double soup, then you can visit Hamada eatery. Salad, vegetables, rice, noodles and meat are the items listed in Hamada dinner menu. Vanilla ice cream is another tasty food stuff offered at Hamada. Is there anybody in the world who dislikes vanilla ice cream?

Hamada of Japan, 18310, N Creek Dr, Tinley Park, IL 60447