Disneyland is the world’s most popular theme park and a majestic tourist attraction which is often felt like a trance. It has equal importance with other tourist attractions in United States of America like Grand Canyon and Mount Rushmore. Disneyland was opened in the year 1955 and since then it lures tourists from all parts of the globe. Theme park of Disneyland is the imaginative brainchild of the great visionary Walter Disney. He always thought about a theme park that would be equally attractive for children and parents. This idea about a lovely park led to the formulation of Disneyland, a dazzling tourist hub in Los Angeles. Most fascinating attraction of Disneyland is the portrayal of various Disney cartoon characters. Walter Disney’s small idea about a novel theme park underwent huge changes and Disneyland became an unbelievable reality. Soon Disneyland emerged as a thriving American tourist destination that is often depicted as a synonym for unlimited entertainment.

Road to Ultimate Fun
Popularity of Disneyland compelled park promoters to open theme parks in other countries like Japan, China and France. Disneyland combines an innocent child’s fantasy, imagination and fancy in an innovative way. Walter Disney was successful in weaving a lovely dream for children called Disneyland Theme Park. Disney characters possess a profound influence on children all across the length and breadth of our globe. A trip to Disneyland lets children and adults enter into a new world of imagination and colourful dreams. Disneyland is not just another mere theme park; it is the true depiction of amusement and entertainment. Does any parent hate the idea of spending time with his/her children in a fun filled environment? This might be the secret of Disneyland’s wide ranging popularity and solid reputation. Disneyland provides all conveniences as well as provisions for both parents and children.

Weaving a Dream for Children
Disneyland opened up a feast of sights, sounds and wonders for children as well as adults. Although Disneyland was created keeping in mind children, it has all the facilities to entertain adults too. Moments at Disneyland reminds adults about their youthful and funny days of yesteryears. Disneyland is the perfect place for edutainment where fun and leaning co exist simultaneously. Tomorrow Land, Critter Country, Disney Rail, and Disney Railroad are some enthralling attractions of Disneyland. The greatest advantage of Disneyland is that it is suitable to children of all ages. Fantasy Land and Mickey’s Toontown are the favourite spots of children in Disneyland. While walking hand in hand with Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, children think that they are stepping into a real world with cartoon characters. Children visiting Disneyland get a unique chance to live in a fantasy and magical world. Disney characters bring children into close contact with fairly tale fantasy and imagination. From these experiences, children can learn the purpose and objective of such fairy tales. Entertainment activities at Disneyland can foster the creative talents and imagination power of little cuties. A full day at Disneyland will give you a trove of unforgettable memories and youthful excitements.