Coast Sushi, Chicago is one of the most prominent eateries in the country which enjoys a solid reputation. This amazing restaurant gave a new dining experience to their customers ever since their beginning dating back to 2003. Each and every person visiting Coast Sushi likes their tasty food items in its entirety. It gives restaurant visitors a unique chance to experience the taste of typical Japanese cuisine and its sub varieties. Sushi food items are the most fascinating dishes served at this elegant restaurant which is located in one of the world’s busiest metros. Coast Sushi, Chicago is another name for tasteful and innovative Japanese food items that will tickle your taste buds.

Chefs working at Coast Sushi use only the freshest ingredients and high quality fish while preparing foodstuff. White dragon, spider and volcano rolls belong to the category of tastiest food items served here at Coast Sushi, Chicago. California roll, fresh salmon and spicy miso are other lovely food items offered by Coast Sushi chefs. Coast Sushi is a lovable eating place cherished by enthusiasts of tasty urban food. Friendly staff members, excellent dining ambience and affordability of food items make Coast Sushi a highly popular restaurant in Chicago.

Coast Sushi, 2045, N Damen Ave, Chicago, IL 60647