Tom and Geri Foley founded Broadway Cellars in September 2006 as a neighborhood sport for good food and good wine in a friendly and casual atmosphere. In addition to Broadway Cellars, Tom and Geri operate the Beach House at Foster Avenue Beach, and have just opened their second location: Southport & Irving, at 4004 N. Southport.

Tom and Geri have traveled extensively in wine country, here and abroad, and they both share a love affair with food and the cultural and social significance of wining and dining. Tom and Geri have been entertaining in their home for years. Broadway Cellars is a like an addition to their house, a big space where their hospitlity can make new friends.

We have tried to create a little bit of Northern California in Edgewater with the decor and style of the menu. The food reflects the kind of neighborhood Mom and Pop restaurants Geri and Tom like to frequent when they visit Napa and Sonoma. Though the wine list is California heavy, we offer selections from many of the great growing regions of the world. We believe that what makes America special is that many cultures and traditions mix and mingle in our borders; we learn and share with one another; and, in joining together, we take the best of our individual cultures and traditions and blend them anew to create something fresh, marvelous, and uniquely American. The shear abundance of fresh product and ingredients from around the world begs us to blend as well, mix and match, select and stir, and build our own American restaurant.