People belonging to the beautiful city of Paris are known for their sense of fashion and it has many world famous tourist attractions. Life in Paris will be so interesting that there will be a never dull moment and it is the reason why international tourists flock to this romantic town. Tourist attractions in the exotic urban conglomerate of Paris are unique, exciting, fabulous and ever memorable. Pre twenty century paintings, decorative objects, and sculptures can be spotted in the capital township of France. Lovers of art frequent to Louvre for enjoying the charismatic beauty of world class paintings of contemporary age.

Tulieries Garden will be a perfect place for strolling in the evenings after a busy day at the shopping malls. Notre Dame Cathedral is another tourist destination in Paris known for captivating stained glass. From the north tower of Notre Dame Cathedral, tourist can get an incredible view of the most famous conurbation in European continent. Eifel tower is a building structure that has stood the test of time and it is termed as one of the best tourist attractions in the world. Seeing the sights and sounds of Paris is like a dream coming true for many of the international tourist folks.

Paris is a city filled with adventure, romance, culture, legacy and an illustrious history spanning centuries. Famous landmarks, notable museums, and pleasant weather make Paris a favorite city of international visitors. Many international visitors to France are not surprised at unusual road systems normally not seen in other countries. The Avenue Des Champs Elysees offers visitors a scenic destination with popular shops and eateries. Paris is the best place to live with family as couples and as travel loving individuals. Paris has been rated as the most fashionable place in the world and its streets offer antiques, clothes and home ware at affordable places.

Accommodation in Paris varies from the reasonably priced to the expensive depending on our budget. International tourists term Paris as the world famous destination for all budgets and tastes. It can be summarized that Paris is a feeling that needs to be touched, heard, tasted and smelt. There are many places in Paris City that symbolizes French stylishness that combines elegance with luxury. A well known luxury hotel in Paris is Lutetia hotel and it is famous for comfort as well as elegance.  Couples can go for Hotel Britannique, a fabulously splendid hotel in Paris. The best advantage of Paris is a good tourist attraction in both winter as well as summer.