Jennifer Girard Photography

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Jennifer Girard is a local photographer, but her pictures are known worldwide. Her photos have been featured in the biggest magazines and have featured the biggest names.

The Chicago photographer started her own studio out of her home after a divorce. What started out as a way to support her twin daughters grew into a full-fledged career. The former model grew her business by photographing head shots of local actors. Her business bloomed once she started snapping shots of big names. She photographed local celebrities like notorious former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich, Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Oprah, and Michael Jordan. She has also photographed former presidents Clinton, Bush, and Carter along with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Girard has also photographed the Dalai Lama. She also photographs for corporate clients like Eli’s Cheesecake and BMO Harris Bank. She has also taken photos of some Chicago landmarks like Millennium Park, the Pump Room, and the Field Museum.

Girard has not only taken photos of legendary Chicago areas, she has been using her skills for charity. She has taken pictures of children in Haiti to raise funds to help the country that was ravaged after a devastating 2010 earthquake. She also helps the Chicago Academy for the Performing Arts and the City of Chicago Job Shadow program. Girard wants to expose photography to students who otherwise wouldn’t know about photography as a career. She also helps disabled college students learn about photography.  the City of Chicago Job Shadow Program

Girard photographs the rich, famous, and powerful, but she also photographs everyday Chicagoans, too. She is available to take photos for weddings, birthdays, family portraits, and still does actor head shots after more than 30 years in the business.  She also still takes photos from her home studio. She also continues to progress in her career. A lot of photography is now digitized, so Girard learned Adobe Photoshop and is open to learning any new computer software to take pictures. Girard continues to be a master photographer by adding classic photography to new technology in taking pictures. She can alter and perfect pictures by using Photoshop, but her pictures remain authentic and realistic.

Girard’s photos and career are inspiring. Her evolution from model to photographer shows that any photographer can work form Chicago and still have international acclaim. Jennifer Girard’s photography is simple and beautiful, showcasing the best of Chicago photography.