New hairstyles are always exciting and thankfully much cheaper than getting new clothes. Nothing compliments a girl better than healthy vibrant new hair style. Reinvent yourself with these dazzling hair ideas for fall 2012.

Long Hair: Many people are familiar with the infamous ultra cool looking hair bow influenced by Lady Gaga. This fall dare to be different and instead of a high bow try a low knot with your hair. This hairstyle is relaxed, versatile, and completely unique in its own element. This look has been seen in Michael Kors shows and that of Gianfranco Ferré.


Lay your hair down on those windy days with a sleep ponytail. Place your ponytail halfway up for a very sleek and sophisticated look that you won’t have to worry about readjusting throughout the day.

Medium Hair: In the summertime we put flowers in our hair. In the fall we dazzle our hair with bold accessories. Hair accessories are forever changing and they’re a great way to spice up a dull hair do. Try studded or embroidered clips and headbands with jewels, feathers, or anything you like!



Pin half of your hair up with a clip or bobby pin letting the rest or try a couple of loose braids to spice up your flowy medium tresses.

Short Hair: Bold color and two toned hair can help make your short hair stand out. Two toned hair adds contrast to your overall look while bright unnatural hair shades can be very flattering, flirty, and feminine.


Faux bangs are a nifty new trend that has transferred from the runway to everyday stores all over. Faux bangs can be found at most beauty supply stores and stores like Walgreens for a very reasonable price. They are often clip in bangs and can range from in color and style from a choppy even cut to a more natural look.