‘Retro on Roscoe’ is a much talked about urban festival in Chicago known for its diverse activities. It depicts unlimited entertainment, exotic art performances, antique collections, and a spectacular shopping experience. It is doubtful that any other festival in Chicago urban area showcases this much of diverse and fun filled activities. At ‘Retro on Roscoe’ fest venue, local restaurants will offer a majestic feast of their masterpiece dishes. It is known as a highly enjoyable festival that speaks about the characteristics and unique traits of Roscoe neighbourhood. ‘Retro on Roscoe’ brings back lively memories about urban festival of yesteryears at a time when there were no mobile phones, social media and internet. Antique car show is the amazing attraction of ‘Retro on Roscoe’ fest. Have you heard about any other local festival that features an antique car show?

Entertainment Galore

Games, craft exhibitions and incredible music performances are other plus points of ‘Retro on Roscoe’ fest. ‘Retro on Roscoe’ is conducted as a fund raising event to promote community improvements in the neighbourhood. Revenues from previous ‘Retro on Roscoe’ fests were utilized for many social welfare activities. Retro fest is organized by a team of 400 volunteers under the auspices of Star Events, a premiere event promotion company. It is a cool festival held in a carnival atmosphere backed by the presence of friendly people.