Unisono is a summer celebration festival in Chicago organized to promote cultural harmony. Impressive mass participation differentiates Unisono from other summer cultural celebrations in the area. Unisono fest is known for active participation of business groups, educational institutions and media organizations. Unisono carnival reached the pinnacle of fame in Pilsen neighbourhood of Chicago conurbation. Promoters of Unisono fest aim cultural empowerment through diversity, education and social justice to the marginalized sections. Musical performances, poetry workshops, educational seminars and art shows make Unisono festival an appalling journey through urban culture. It is a fact that urban festivals like Unisono fest enkindled the growth of tourism in the respective urban areas. Strengthening of cultural harmony is the main objective and motto of Unisono urban festival.

Collection of Musical Events

Unisono fest is conceptualized and organized by the Resurrection Project, Chicago in association with National Museum of Mexican Art and Greater Pilsen Economic Development Association. Festival of Unisono acts as an icon of contemporary life and social milieu in Pilsen area of Chicago. Performances of Grammy Award winning musicians are the striking assets of this year’s Unisono celebration. Pacha massive, Monica lionheart, and Los Rakas are some of the well known music bands performed at previous editions of Unisono festival. Unisono is regarded as a fete of glory, elegance, excitement, fervour and unlimited fun activities.

Fees : Free Admission