11th annual community “ I Have a Vision” Gospel Festival will be held in Chicago on 6th July 2013. It consists of family fun activities, food fest, gospel concert and some lovely moments with urban residents. Games and horse riding makes “ I Have a Vision” gospel festival a little bit different from other urban festivals. Festival participants will share their testimonies about God’s words that transformed their lives and belief in eternal spirit. Gospel Festival of Chicago features family friendly atmosphere filled with delicious food, laughter and precious moments with neighbourhood community. Grand Crossing Park in Chicago will be flooded with influx of festival participants on next Saturday. Chicago urban conglomerate hosts many small and big gospel festivals throughout the year and “I Have a Vision” fest adds elegance to the list.

Best Performers of Gospel Music

Singers dominated the stages of previous Chicago gospel festivals with their breathtaking musical performances. Choirs, hip hop music, gospel rhythms and dance shows convert Gospel Festival Chicago into a superb art show. Well known musicians of America will deliver their amazing performances in front of Chicago urban population. Key theme of Gospel Festival Chicago revolves around youth and their passion towards life. “I Have a Vision” Gospel Festival treads a little bit from the conventional track of city festivals. Let us say good bye hoping that Chicago Gospel festival will shower praises and divine bliss upon us.

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