The Boulevard Fest depicts collage of lovely cultural events, music concerts, beer booths and local vendors. It is referred as a prestigious and glorious festival in the urban area of Logan Square, Chicago. Chicago’s most famous music bands will present their remarkable performance before the crowd of Logan Square on 23rd, 24th and 25th of August 2013. Boulevard festival offers some traditional craft beers that can not been seen during typical urban festivals. Logan square is home to numerous restaurants, cafes, bakeries, and local vendors. This multicoloured image of Logan Square area is reflected in Boulevard cultural festival. Two stages of live music are organized as a part of ‘The Boulevard Fest’ and it will be a big hit among Chicago music buffs.

Setting a New Style in Urban Festivals

It is estimated that there around 25000 neighbourhood festivals taking place in Chicago every year.  Out of them ‘The Boulevard Fest’ emerged as a premiere urban fest of Chicago and it was successful in showcasing different aspects of city life. Live, vibrant, sweet and modern music is the most amazing hallmark of ‘The Boulevard Fest’. As ‘The Boulevard Fest’ features lots of local vendors, you can buy some fantastic gifts for your friends. Let us share more details about ‘The Boulevard Fest’ face to face at the festival venue.

Fees : Free Admission