Taste of Lincoln Avenue is one of Chicago city’s most prominent festivals known for participation of youngsters. It unites urban residents with congenial interests and flair for street festivals. Art forms, food exhibition and vendor booths are the notable features of this years’ Taste of Lincoln Avenue fest. In Taste of Lincoln Venue fest, every music genre is represented including hip hop and folk music. Lincoln Avenue fest is considered as Chicago city’s most popular summer celebration. International tourists visiting Chicago attend this festival to experience unique aspects of urban lifestyle. Taste of Lincoln Avenue Fest celebrates its 30th anniversary on 27/July/2013-28/July/2013. Vibrant population of Chicago anxiously wait for Taste of Lincoln Avenue fest every year. It will feature Chicago’s famous theatres, music venues as well as top restaurants.

Old Memoirs of Street Festivals

Taste of Lincoln Avenue started as a small fundraiser festival before long thirty years and emerged as a prominent festival of city. There is a craft fair organized as a part of Lincoln Avenue fest and it will portray charming handmade craft items.  Art exhibitions, pony rides and funny activities make Lincoln Avenue Fest a favourite of kids. Giant slides, craft shows, face painting and puppetry show will lift your kid to an ecstatic world. Hope that all of you will attend Taste of Lincoln Avenue fest and make it a grand success.


Fees : $10 donation