Taste of Greektown’ festival is celebrating its 24th glorious year from 24/August/2013to 25/August/2013. It is a perfect blend of old and new urban traditions prevailed in the historic country of Greece. Food fest, beer parlours, music shows, dance items and games for kids are star studded attractions of ‘Taste of Greektown’ festival. ‘Taste of Greektown’ is a conglomeration of urban modernity, imaginative freshness, and classicism. As ‘Taste of Greektown’ is entering its 24th anniversary, it offers an amazing surprise in the form of a separate fine arts area. As the home of National Hellenic Museum, Greektown is well known all over the vast boundaries of USA. Street vendors and traditional Greek musicians will add an elegant touch to the celebration of ‘Taste of Greektown’.
Classic Festival with Pretty Festoons

‘Taste of Greektown’ is considered as an exhibition of tasty food and fascinating musical performance. It offers a weekend celebration and ecstatic moments for typical Mediterranean culture lovers. ‘Taste of Greektown’ provides an opportunity to learn more about traditional cooking and art forms of Greece. Huge mass participation placed ‘Taste of Greektown’ always in limelight ever since from its origin. It is cent percent sure that Greektown food fest will give a perfect culinary treat for all senses. See you at the venue of ‘Taste of Greektown’ fest! Festival Name Taste of Greektown.

Fees : Free Admission