Wrigleyville summer fest provides a congenial atmosphere of brotherhood and love for humanity. It takes a sharp deviation from the typical concept of an urban festival in a large metro area of USA. Food carnival, beverages, interactive games for kids and family friendly activities make Wrigleyville summer fest a celebration of everlasting memories. Excitement, happiness and surprise places Wrigleyville summer fest in a new platform of urban celebrations. Festival of Wrigleyville is going to be a kaleidoscope of urban life in Chicago and its mysterious saga of unity. Striking music performance is a captivating attraction of this year’s Wrigleyville summer fest. Venues of Wrigleyville fest will witness Chicago’s music lovers, beer enthusiasts and food fans. Wrigleyville fest of 2013 will take place in Wrigley field, a bustling urban outlet of Chicago.

Fete of Funny Activities

Beer tent, live music performances, and plenty of fun filled activities give new dimensions to the marvellous festival of Wrigleyville. Wrigleyville fest replicates the tradition and legacy of Wrigleyville neighbourhood community in all sense. Backed by vibrant art shows, Wrigleyville fest is scaling new horizons of popularity. It speaks the universal language of all urban festivals taking place in every nook and corner of the globe. Let us hope that 10th annual edition of Wrigleyville summer fest will create history and brighten the lives of urban population.

Fees : Free Admission