Lincoln Park Arts and Music Festival is one of the most remarkable cultural events in Chicago. Art shows, craft exhibitions, musical performances and food fest places Lincoln Park festival in a separate category. More than eighty gifted artists will showcase their inborn music talent on stage of Lincoln Park Festival on 30/June/2013. Incredible performances of musical maestros Steve Page and Howie Day will attract more spectators to the enchanting event of Lincoln Park Arts and Music Festival.  Neighbourhood of Lincoln Park can enjoy the best performances in arts and music on this coming Sunday.

Musical Maestros Assemble Together

Lincoln Park festival features the best food and drinks from the nearby restaurants.  It is organized by Lincoln Park Chamber of Commerce in order to promote local businesses. Promoters of Lincoln Park Festival drew inspiration from the Chicago street festival models. Much talked about Lincoln Park Festival is entering its fifth year with a unique package of live music and entertainment. Memories about musical performances conducted as part of previous Lincoln Park Festival stays afresh in the minds of city residents. Inhabitants of Lincoln Park know well that the name Lincoln Park Arts and Music Festival is just enough to lure music lovers. If you are a foreign tourist visiting Chicago, don’t lose this opportunity to experience unique Chicago art and culture. Lincoln Park Chamber of Commerce invites everyone to this fantastic festival on behalf of entire residents of the city.


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