Taste of Lakeview offers an innovative festival experience backed by splendid music concerts and food fests. It has an illustrious and rich tradition closely intertwined with cultural life of Chicago conurbation. As we entered into the digital world, local festivals underwent a phenomenal change and ‘Taste of Lakeview’ too is not an exception to this. Huge mass participation in festivals like ‘Taste of Lakeview’ indicates that urban residents are really fond of cultural fests. Food stalls, mesmerizing musical performances, craft shops, and street performers makes ‘Taste of Lakeview’ a grand stage show. Chicago urban residents believe that Lakeview is the best place to listen to live music, watch art shows and buy something unique for their loved ones. Organizers of ‘Taste of Lakeview’ Festival expect that more than forty thousand people will attend the fest on next weekend.

Bonanza of Sweet Melodies

‘Taste of Lakeview’ will be a fun filled mixture of local cuisines, rapid dance steps, family activities and lively moments. ‘Star events’ are the chief organizers of this unique cultural show where everything revolves around excitement. Taste of Lakeview festival highlights some of the masterpiece creations of Chicago local artisans. Neighbourhood of Lakeview is all set to welcome “Taste of Lakeview’ fest to their homeland with enthusiasm, fervour and passion. Food fest conducted as a part of ‘Taste of Lakeview’ festival will showcase the most delicious food varieties available in Chicago city.

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