Fifth annual green music fest of Chicago will bring good old times of classical and western music to the city once again. Green music fest is noted for top notch performances of world famous music bands and their gifted musicians. Apart from an elegant musical experience, Green Music Fest presents art demonstrations, craft exhibition and socializing activities. Organizers of Green Music Fest were successful in converting this event to one of nation’s most anticipated music fair. Green Music fiesta offers an unparalleled melodious concert that can’t be experienced elsewhere. Family fun fest, craft beer booth as well as eco friendly vendor village are the highlights of this year’s Green Music Fest.

Bringing Back Unforgettable Melodies

Chicago city is going to get three days of magnificent musical performances that are lively, mesmerizing and classic. Subterranean local music band will deliver their best performance in Chicago’s Wicker Park in this weekend. It has a rock solid reputation among music lovers of Chicago city for graceful musical concerts. Fun activities for kids is another prominent attraction of Green Music Fest and let your lovely kids too a part of this great music event. Musical competitions, dance demonstrations, face painting and puppetry conducted as a part of Green Music Fest will make your kid excited. Promoters of Green Music fiesta expect that musical concerts of Manchester orchestra will hit the headlines of Chicago tabloids this year too. Passion and zeal towards music differentiates Chicago Green Music Fest from other musical events.


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