Glenwood Avenue Arts Fest is a very famous urban festival in USA that features unique art exhibitions. Live entertainment, music show, dance performances and food fest define the characteristics of Glenwood Avenue Arts Fest. Glenwood fest offers a tranquil festival experience coupled with enduring moments with urban residents. For most of the festival participants, Glenwood fest feels like a trance like journey. Venue of Glenwood Avenue Arts Fest is the spectacular Roger’s Park in Chicago urban area. Art galleries, studios, cultural shows and fun filled moments place Glenwood fest in the category of memorable fests. Prominent American media houses appraised Glenwood fest for its amazing uniqueness. Glenwood fest is power packed with lots of fun, laughter, and moments of merriment.  On 17th and 18th of August 2013, Glenwood Avenue Arts Fest will become the meeting place of Chicago’s festival lovers.

Initiative to Promote Unity among Urbanites

Glenwood Avenue Arts Fest is equipped with tents offering food, beer, craft items and artworks. Music bands of Chicago will deliver their rocking performance at the venue of Glenwood fest. Glenwood fest draws approximately ten thousand visitors per day and it depicts festival’s popularity among Chicago urbanites. Glenwood fest presents lots of activities for kids including circus, theatre, arts as well as music. Culturally diverse population of Chicago will welcome Glenwood fest wholeheartedly.


Fees : Free Admission