Festival of Life Health Awareness in Chicago is considered as a clarion call to fight against diseases like cancer, diabetes, arthritis and AIDS. It is conducted along with International Festival of Life from 4/July/2013-7/July/2013 in Union Park, Chicago. The Festival of Life Health Awareness (FOLHA) aims the eradication of all grave diseases affecting human bodies. FOLHA will feature a health stage, presentations by medical professionals, gospel entertainments as well as a forum for patients suffering from serious diseases. Health screening too is arranged as a part of Festival of Life Health Awareness Program.

Promoting the Message of Disease Eradication

FOLHA invites the health aware Chicago urban community to join in their fight against eradication of life threatening diseases. World’s longest Cancer, HIV and diabetes line dance is held in association with Festival of Life Health Diseases. Distinguished medical experts will share their viewpoints about disease prevention and treatment of modern day diseases at the venue of FOLHA. It is expected that major medical, hospital and health organizations of Chicago will participate in FOLHA event. FOLHA points towards the importance of leading a healthy and disease free lifestyle in modern world. Survivors of chronic diseases will share story of their struggles and will power at FOLHA pavilion. Individuals seeking information about diseases like cardiovascular ailments and kidney disorders are encouraged to attend FOLHA. Let us join our hands in eradicating chronic diseases and paving the way towards a better world.


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