Sheffield Garden Walk and Festival is a glorious urban fest marked with scenic gardens, super music performances and delicious food. View of traditional residential gardens will be a great surprise for Sheffield fest visitors. Activities for kids, garden tours, band performances and amusement rides pull Chicago residents to the venue of Sheffield Garden Walk and Festival. Pony rides, face painting, storytelling and craft booths add youthfulness to the Sheffield Festival. Food fest of 45th Annual Sheffield Festival will bring Chicago’s prominent restaurants under one roof. Sheffield Fest is often felt like a cenotaph of Chicago’s culture, lifestyle, customs and traditions. Sheffield neighbourhood association plans to unite all Chicago residents at the grand stage of Sheffield Avenue on 20/July/2013-21/July/2013.

Footprints of Traditional Values

There will be only few urban festivals featuring gardens and Sheffield festival will be a golden chance to experience the beauty of flowers as well as plants. Sheffield Garden Walk Fest portrays diverse activities for kids such as mask design, community music, sports competitions, and crown creation contest. The Outfit, Vintage Blue, Carbon Leaf and Gaelic Storm music troops will deliver their spectacular performance at the venue of Sheffield Fest. Festival of Sheffield is a celebration that forges unity among urbanites of Chicago city.

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