Upcoming African/Caribbean International Festival of Life will give insights into the lifestyle and culture of world’s two richest traditions. International Festival of Life became a celebrated event ever since its inception in the year 1993. This event exhibits the educational, cultural and spiritual spheres of different cultures and their exchanging. Under the broad definition of International Festival of Life, a cultural fest highlights perspectives of food, entertainment, small business and corporate communities. African/Caribbean International Festival of Life is an event that should be attended with your lovely family. Your family members will definitely like Caribbean reggae, music performances and local African dances.

Depicting Two Worlds at a Single Platform

“Bringing nations together” and “living together as one” are the inspirational mottos of International Festival of Life. This year’s International Festival of Life will celebrate Jamaican Independence Day with full enthusiasm. Talent contest for kids and adults is the major attraction of International Festival of Life 2013. African/Caribbean festival offers a platform to bring people all over the world irrespective of their caste, colour, and ethnicity. International Festival of Life is a great opportunity to learn more about cultural icons of Africa and Caribbean islands. It features lively music of all genres including African, Jazz, Hip Hop, Latin and children’s music. Poetry competitions, comedy skits, food fest and other interactive festivals await you at the venue of International Festival of Life. Let us share more details about the festival at Union Park, Chicago on 4/July/2013-7/July/2013.


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