Chicago country fest is a glorious music fest that depicts passion and fervour towards music. This year’s Chicago music fest combines the splendour of lovely music, dancing steps and yummy food. Twenty hours of live country music will add charm and elegance to Chicago country fest. As a Chicago country fest visitor, you can go to the local artisan shops to buy something that depicts the creativity of its makers. Food courts, jewellery shops, beer parlours and antique shops are the integral parts of a cultural festival and Chicago country fest too is not an exception. Chicago country fest is expected to be a grand stage show of suburban classic music. It offers a rare opportunity to experience infinite hours of live music and ride on a mechanical bull.

Mixture of Dance and Entertainment

Chicago country fest can be viewed as an effort to preserve the historical importance and rich tradition of America’s busiest urban conglomerate. Chicago’s ethnic customs, lifestyle, and food varieties will be reflected in Chicago country fest. June is considered as the best month to attend festivals of Chicago urban area and Chicago country fest will exceed your expectations about a music festival. Chicago country fest portrays family friendly features including live demos, food festival and marvellous musical performances of artists. It draws participants from all nook and corners of the United State. You are offered a unique combination of cool art, tasty food and jazzy music at the venue of Chicago country fest.


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