58th Annual Ginza Holiday is considered as a premiere Japanese cultural festival held in Chicago. Japanese lifestyle, their customs, craft skill and age old tradition will be depicted in Annual Ginza Holiday Fest. Country of Japan has some unique cultural symbols like kimono dress, sumo wrestling, art forms and sushi food. Craft exhibition is the showpiece item of this year’s Annual Ginza holiday fest and it will feature the incredible creations of Japanese craftsmen. Each and every attraction of Ginza fest will reflect the fascinating and multilayered culture of Japan. Annual Ginza holiday fest will be an opportunity to feel the pulse of modern day Japanese life. Japanese goods, kimono, snacks and jewellery stalls will attract many to Annual Ginza Holiday.

Most Anticipated Japanese Fest

Residents of Chicago will get a chance to buy unique Japanese craft items at the venue of Ginza annual holiday fest. Ginza fest presents martial arts exhibitions, stage performances, and self defence tactics show. Demonstrations of bonsai, flower arranging, paper dolls, and brush painting will entertain the visitors of Annual Ginza fest. There will be a food fest conducted along with Annual Ginza Holiday which will feature traditional Japanese dishes. Japanese folk music performance will definitely add diversity to the grand Annual Ginza Holiday fest. Ginza Holiday Fest gets its name from a district in Tokyo well known for entertainment.

Fees : $6 for adults, $5 for students and senior citizens