Brazil Fest Chicago aims to create awareness about Brazil’s lifestyle, culture, art forms and tradition. Food, music and dance are the vital components of this year’s Brazil Fest scheduled on 23/August/2013 to 25/August/2013. Second edition of Brazil Fest Chicago is expected to showcase amazing art performances. Brazil Fest Chicago depicts the altered images of a local festival in new urban settings. Traditional dance forms of Brazil will be portrayed at the venue of this year’s Brazil Fest Chicago. Brazil Fest Chicago tops the list of regional Brazilian celebrations held in United States of America. The goal of Brazil Fest Chicago is to promote cultural diversity of Brazil through art forms. Brazilians and Anglo Brazilians located in Chicago city are the target audience of Brazil Fest.

Depiction of Real Brazilian Life

Brazil Fest in Chicago represents different cultural overtones of Brazilian tradition and legacy. Chicago Brazil fest offers a platform to learn more about different aspects of Brazilian art and literature. It is a classic Brazilian urban fest which is as diverse as the unique Latin American territory. Brazil Fest is organized by Star Events, a Chicago based company with numerous years of experience in conceptualizing different festivals. Brazilian professionals, artists, and community leaders will be in the forefront of making arrangements for Brazil Chicago fest.


Fees : Free Admission