54th Chicago Venetian Night is considered as a unique platform for connecting different lifestyles of the city. It will be a perfect opportunity to learn about urban neighbourhood, their customs and societal changes. Boat parade is going to be the magical attraction of this year’s Chicago Venetian Night Festival. Live music, food items, and art shows will be featured as a part of 54th Chicago Venetian fest. Chicago Yachting Association is the principal organizers of this marvellous urban festival which is all about excitement. Hundreds of people participate in the Chicago Venetian Night to experience the rhythm and pulse of real urban life. According to media reports, Chicago Venetian Night organizes most exciting boat parade on Lake Michigan. Watching a boat parade is an incredible experience coupled with fun, pleasure and surprise.

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54th Chicago Venetian Night is an opportunity to rejoice with friends and family members. Chicago Venetian night festival redefined the concept of urban festivals conducted in American cities. Colourful boat parade and attractive fireworks make Chicago Venetian night a festival of unlimited amazement. Festive atmosphere of 54th Chicago Venetian Night will suit the interests of youngsters, couples, children and working men. Food vendors, activities for small children, craft exhibitions and numerous other features make Chicago Venetian Night a festival of excellence.


Fees : Free Admission