Behind the Scenes Video of the VS. Style Swimsuit Shoot in Cabos, Mexico 2016 with Model Eva Navoloska from Eva Navoloska on Vimeo.

Name: Eva Navoloska

Age: 28

Height: 5.6

Weight: 115

Measurements: 32-26-36

Zodiac: Gemini

Relationship Status:  I am still looking for that special someone.

Best Feature (Physical/Personality):  I would probably say face because of my Angelina Jolie like lips, high cheek bones, and my big and irresistible smile.  My attractive personality feature might be that I am a strong willed person and believe in direct communication with the people in my life.

Nationality: Ukrainian

What city are you from? I was born in Ukraine but moved to the United States in my late teens and eventually settled in Austin, Texas. Though I am an American now, the Ukrainian part of me very much still exists! On occasion, people have complimented my unique look so I know my Slavic origins still stand out!

How long have you been modeling? I have been modeling since I was 15 in Ukraine, but I have taken some long breaks to concentrate on other things such as studying English (ESL) when I came to the US and pursuing my business degree.

How did you begin modeling? I was found by a model scout and signed with one of big agencies in Kiev, Ukraine.

What are your goals for your modeling career? To be a face or better a spokesmodel for a company that I share my values with.  However, my bigger goal is to become an accomplished actress.

What is your absolute favorite part about being a model?  To meet and to work with creative people in the industry and to continue to inspire my followers with my beautiful images.

What was your favorite shoot and why? My favorite shoot was with Steampunk Chuck in the beautiful and magical location of Jekyll Island. You can see the images from this shoot on my online portfolio under Fantasy.

Who encourages/supports you the most and why? Initially my brother supported me with my modeling idea, then my sister started supporting me as well. I then met a couple of good friends and mentors with industry knowledge, including my agent Reid Rochford with AMT, who has always believed in me and supported my career.

What do you do in your free time outside of modeling?  I barely have free time, but if I do, I am taking horseback riding class’s which consist of English style hunting & jumping and I also do a little bit of Latin dance. I also enjoy going to the gym but don’t consider it a leisure activity, it is more of a mandatory part of my lifestyle.

Describe your perfect guy?   My perfect guy would have the mysterious look of Robert Pattison in the Twilight series, the charm and confidence of Kevin Costner, the unstoppable drive of Tim Ferris (the author of 4-Hours Workweek) and the Argentine tango skills of Antonino Banderas.

What’s the worst pick up line you’ve ever heard? What’s the best?  I think every pickup line is the worst I have ever heard and have yet to hear a good one! Haha!   Most men are intimidated by my beauty and don’t try, so they just observe quietly. The one who are not intimidated, are almost always obnoxious and arrogant and their complements or pick-up lines make me feel like a sexual object and it is pretty annoying.

On the contrary, the best approach with me would be to use sincere complements, which show thoughtfulness, appreciation to my time, and politeness.

What are some of your pet peeves?  I am easily annoyed by ostentatious and arrogant people who approach me with an attitude that I exist solely for them either in social media communication or in person.  These people are obnoxious and always being loud while talking about themselves most of the time, or showing pictures of themselves with celebrities etc.…

Are you represented by a manager or agent? Yes, I have representation with Austin Models and Talent (AMT).  My agent, Reid Rochford, can be reached by phone at (512) 431-3248 or by email

Where would you like to see yourself in the next 5 years? I see myself running my own business and landing a few big roles in feature films.

How can we find you (Facebook, Twitter)?

My web:


Instagram: @Eva.Navoloska


Color: Blue

Place:  Los, Angeles

Recording Artists: Enya, Lana Del Rey, and Lindsey Stirling

Movie: Debt, Braveheart, Avatar

Food: coconut

Actor/Actress: Antonio Banderas

Designer: Express. Inc

Month: May

Flavor of Ice-Cream: coffee

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