edm fashion

EDM, or Electronic Dance Music, has been around for decades, but its popularity has increased exponentially over the past five years.

It is no longer thought of as an underground movement, it has instead become mainstream and the most popular genre in the music world today.

It is everywhere: TV, movies, commercials, radio and…fashion!!

Thus bringing to life such companies as Electronic Couture, featuring custom designs created specifically for the EDM scene.

The generations of today dress up in costumes for almost any event: from festivals such as Electric Daisy Carnival to Ultra Music Festival, to club events across the world, concerts, costume parties, photoshoots, you name it!

Electronic Couture is not your typical fashion design company. These fashions are out of this world!

You slip into one of these unique numbers and you are transported to a new place.

Founder of/Designer for Electronic Couture gets her inspiration cartoons, iconic storybook characters, beautiful art pieces, mystical creatures, movies, beautiful materials, to name a few.

She loves being able to design based on “all things gorgeous.” Her motive behind the beautiful madness?

To inspire women, promote confidence in women, and to take people to another realm of life through her designs.

If you want to stand out at your next rave, festival, concert, holiday, at home or any/all of the above, check out Electronic Couture for the hottest costume attire.