Dubai is undoubtedly the hottest vacation spot located in the extended conurbation of United Arab Emirates. It has emerged as an attractive location where people flock for celebrating their much anticipated vacation. Dubai is pretty famous for stunning tourist attractions including Burj Khalifa and shopping malls. Mammoth aquariums and indoor ski slopes give a dimension of elegance to the tourism landscape of Dubai, a city of imaginative glory. Dubai features numerous cultural elements and glamorous architectural monuments along with skyscrapers. View of Dubai from Burj Khalifa will be staggering scenery that will get etched in the minds of tourists.

Dubai museum is located in the Al-Fahidi fort and it was built way back in 1787. The entrance of Dubai museum features fascinating exhibition of old maps of Emirates and Dubai. Bastakia is another prominent attraction in Promised Land of Dubai and it serves as a towering monument of architectural excellence. Dubai Creek separates the city into two towns with Deira to the north and Bur Dubai to the south. Deira souks act as the melting point of different cultures that formed urban life of Dubai from time immemorial. It is the most famous traditional market in Dubai which will be busy in peak and non peak tourist seasons.

Deira gold souk has been recognized as the world’s largest gold bazaar and Dubai received the name “City of Gold” due to the presence of Deira gold souk. Dubai’s architectural, cultural and maritime legacy has been featured at the Heritage and Diving Village. Persian homes, traditional coffeehouse and small souk are the major features of Heritage and Diving Village. Being one of the top-notch tourist attractions in the country, Dubai aquarium houses 140 marine species. A visit to Dubai Aquarium will be a rewarding and pleasant experience to all family members including lovely kids.

There are myriad of activities tourists can perform in Dubai Aquarium including snorkeling and shark diving. Dubai Mall is the city’s best known mall and it provides entry to Burj Khalifa and Dubai Aquarium. Ice skating rink, gaming zone and cinema complex are the majestic attractions of Dubai Mall, the absolute manifestation of new age shopping. Jumeirah Beach is one of the most popular places for tourists to visit in Dubai and this beach has excellent facilities like sun loungers, restaurants and jet skiing slopes. Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club has become a modern day landmark of Dubai metropolis. It is a popular destination of tourists looking to enjoy the oasis of walkways adorned with coconut palms.