Don Neil is a must-know rapper. The Baltimore MC is making a name for himself with his debut single, “ I’m Weak.’’

don neil

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Neil’s infectious song is produced by Lewis Cullen and the production value is top-notch. After bursting on the underground hip-hop scene with “ Find Your Love,’’ now he returns with his debut EP, Dear Me. “I’m Weak’’ leads off with a light, bouncing beat that will get head nodding for sure. The feel-good beat will no doubt draw comparisons to Chance the Rapper’s lighthearted and optimistic music. The melodic hook is paired with heartfelt lyrics that listeners will love.

Neil wants to inspire listeners and on “ I’m Weak’’, he aspires to rep Baltimore and make the city proud. Despite the negative attention the city receives, Neil aims to exert a positive influence on his fellow Baltimore residents. His lyrics are just as thoughtful as they are sing-along worthy.

“I’ve been on my grown up s***/
‘Cause I’ve been on my college s***

“Whoa mama I’ma make you proud/
Our whole city bout too get loud/
I know you want me to be the best thing in the world I could ever be”

While Neil is proud to be from Baltimore, he isn’t eager to copy other rappers from the area, as he told the music site, Dope Cause We Said.

“I’m in my zone, I’m not trying to please a certain crowd of people, by making songs that only “bumps” I’m giving people my heart fully exposed on my sleeve. I don’t feel the need to mask the feelings.’’, said Neil.

Neil also told the website about his writing process. “My process usually is to pick things, I like. Things that make my brain click and I’m able to just free write to it. Now I don’t mind what’s popping on the radio/internet sometimes just as an exercise I might write to them, sometimes I just write things I know could be used for someone else but not me,”said Neil.

Neil also revealed how he wanted to be seen by music fans in the future. “Two years from now, I want people to say that I gave them hope and something to appreciate about themselves.” With “ I’m Weak,’’, Neil has definitely accomplished that goal.