The post Thanksgiving national event should be a holiday in itself. Tons of people take advantage of the many sales their favorite retail stores offer every year on Black Friday. Many bundle up and head out in odd hours of the morning just to get to the stores in time or ahead of others but trust me…. it’s worth it. Black Friday deals tend to be unbeatable. When you think about it what’s better than eating great food and spending time with family then being able to shop afterwards? Nothing!

It’s a great way to really get bang for your buck when it comes to clothes and accessories as well. Take Macy’s for example, that has 52 pages of brand-new sale items valid from Friday, November 23 through Tuesday, November 27. Some of their black Friday sales include: Cashmere sweaters of select brands (buy one get one free) and Calvin Klein misses active coats (50% off).

Cyber Monday on the other hand allows you to shop amazing deals from home and order from your favorite businesses online. This online event occurs on November 26th this year, the Monday following Thanksgiving. Some stores may have both Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale options available depending on your preference. Some may not. Miaprella, a new Los Angeles based leading online fashion and lingerie boutique, offers up some amazing deals for this year’s Cyber Monday. Miaprella is offering up a variety of high quality fashion and intimate corsets for almost half price along with a free gift to the first 100 customers.

If you’ve never participated in either event, I’d encourage you to try this year and save some money guaranteed.  If you’re one of those “just get it done” type of people, don’t like lines or crowds and would prefer to do your shopping at home go for Cyber Monday. If you’re very social (or just cant wait to get your hands on all the new products you’ve been eyeing), love the whole shopping atmosphere and would like to make a day out of it with friends or family go for Black Friday. Below are some links to websites that provide a collection of Black Friday and Cyber Monday ads. Happy shopping!