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Artist: Nunca Duerma

Release: Ven Ahora LP

Imprint: Young Heavy Souls

Release Date: June 17, 2016 (Digital)

Description: Chicago artist Nunca Duerma delivers bomba after bomba on his forthcomingLP, Ven Ahora. His first full-length outing on Detroit label Young Heavy Souls, Nunca Duerma’s “Acid Jazz” off the LP was recently named XLR8R’s #2 Top Downloaded Track of April 2016.

“Mini Ramp Kisses” lends a funky starting place to Ven Ahora, followed by “Thoughts” which brings on a spring rainstorm of flurried beats and hypnotic atmospheres that lift the LP’s already effervescent energy even higher. The darkest Ven Ahora gets is on “Black Sea”, with foreboding pads and dubbed-out vocals. “Chicago Brasil” grooves effortlessly and “Acid Jazz” quietly hypnotizes with warm liquid synths. “Bliss In BMX” has a spacey feel and a driving dub beat that skips and wobbles. “Sweat Moves (Plucked)” synthesizes dreamy melancholy and the closing track, “She Is Gone”, sways off into the sunlight awash in jazzy instrumentals and soulful grooves that would feel right at home in a 60’s cocktail lounge. Radiating sumptuous melodies and carefree energy, Nunca Duerma’s Ven Ahora is the perfect record for the arrival of summer – whenever Chicago decides to have one, that is.

Nunca Duerma will also be playing at Low End Theory in Los Angeles, CA on June 15 – more info is available here.


1. Mini Ramp Kisses – Nunca Duerma

2. Thoughts – Nunca Duerma

3. Black Sea – Nunca Duerma

4. Chicago Brasil (Ft. Radius) – Nunca Duerma

5. Acid Jazz – Nunca Duerma

6. Bliss In BMX – Nunca Duerma

7. Sweat Moves (Plucked) – Nunca Duerma

8. She Is Gone – Nunca Duerma


Nunca Duerma.
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